Reign Style

RP Combat


You are welcome to use this style for your own events. You do not need to ask permission. You also do not need to give credit. If you wish to give credit, you may simply link back to this carrd. Originally used by The Ruthless Reign on Balmung, 2019-2021

How it works

All hits and misses are decided via /random roll. Before the match begins the opponents will /random, and the highest roller will write the first post.

In combat phases, the post is written before any rolls are made. Once the post is written and sent the attacker rolls a /random and then the defender rolls a /random. If the attacker rolls higher, the hit is considered to have landed. If the defensive roll is equal to or higher, then the attack has been successfully nullified or dodged.


The type of blow delivered is dependent on the attack roll and not the defense roll. This is to keep things simple and easy to interpret.

  • Medium Blows A successful attack roll of 600+

  • Large Blows A successful attack roll of 800+

*When a character takes a medium or large blow it is mainly flavor text/points assignment. There will be no effect on future rolls, and they are not forced to take a large amount of damage IC.

Power Up

Once per fight combatants are allowed to use a Power Up! This is OOCly declared prior to rolling and may be used offensively or defensively. A Power Up grants a one time +100 to your roll. This can cause medium or large blows when used in an attack if the roll + power up push the total into the appropriate bracket.

Please Note: Power Up rolls max out at 999 and will not go over.

In this screenshot, a power attack was the difference between a success and a failure. The power attack made her roll into a 101, which beat the 53.

scoring: win conditions

Unlike standard Grindstone rules, a combatant may meet the win conditions in as few as 2 landed hits or as many as 4 landed hits.

Fights are scored in a 0/0/0 fashion, tracking each level of blow that each combatant has scored. Small/Medium/Large.

The most basic win condition is score 4 total of any kinds of blows against your opponent.

Basic Win condition: 4 blows

  • 4/0/0 - 4 small blows landed

  • 3/1/0 - 3 small blows + 1 medium

  • 3/0/1 - 3 small blows + 1 large

  • etc

To end the match in less blows, you can meet the Heavy Hitter win condition.

Special Win Condition: Heavy Hitter

  • 0/3/0 - 3 medium blows landed

  • 0/1/1 - 1 medium blow, 1 large blow landed

  • 0/0/2 - 2 large blows landed

Please note that additional small blow do not interrupt this win condition. Therefore, 1/1/1 and 1/0/2 are also valid. Earning a small between or before either of the heavier blows does not throw off the possibility of triggering this win condition.

Optional Rules

The below rules/mechanics are advanced, optional rules/mechanics that an event might opt out of using.

Impasse Break

When four turns have passed without a blow being struck, the Judge will step in, making an announcement and tossing a token into the ring. The combatant who catches it will be awarded 1 small blow to their score.

In party chat (or another designated channel), the judge will call for a hold on posts. They will post into the match about tossing their token. Both fighters will then /random. Whichever fighter rolls highest will be awarded the point, and posts will continue where they left off, with in character acknowledgement of the token phase results rolled into their next posts.

Time Limits

Each fight will have a hard time limit of 25 minutes, or another designated amount of time specific to the event.

Once a fight hits the time limit, the fight will go into Sudden Death rounds.

Sudden Death

When the fight’s timer hits 0, all attack posts will gain a +200 bonus beginning after the post that was in progress when the timer ran out. Each fighter will have a round with this bonus and then the bonus will grow:

  • +200

  • +400

  • +600

  • +800

Until a win condition is met.